Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Everything still calm here

The pre-Christmas time always seems to be a bit hectic. I wonder from where all the people come whom I see downtown. They push, pull faces, hunt presents, eat, drink, push again...........The subway is crowded these days. I consider to walk to the station.

Yesterday a reader commented that she eats an apple a day for 40 years. This is impressive. A wonderful habit. I'll substitute my banana with an apple. This happened already today.
What good habits do I have for so long?
I have one. After each warm shower I shower cold. This is so refreshing and good for the skin. I started this when I was 19.
Do you also have a good habit for such a long time? 

Since a decade I write on a daily basis. This is also a good habit. If I wrote only when I had something interesting to say, I wouldn't write. Not each post is exciting or interesting or gives new insights. Some posts might even be boring or embarrassing. This is part of it.
It's the same with yoga. If I'd only practice if I feel good and if it's warm, I wouldn't practice daily. Today I feel slight resistance to go to a Mysore class, but I'll go. I know I'll feel good afterwards.

There is a to do list:
- shopping for Christmas presents
- 2 phone calls
- picking up a prescription
- cleaning - I want to leave these holy walls clean when I leave them for the annual Christmas trip to my parents and then to E's mother where E and she will await me already.

At 5pm I must be ready for the Christmas party. E will pick me up. This year we'll see a show. Dinner is offered, too. Of course there is no Christmas party without food. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

It's still time to enjoy the calm morning. I'm showered already and deodorized ( a new vocabulary, hahaha), I'm sipping my second cup of coffee. Soon I'll be ready for the public.

Yoga is a practice for the mind, too. It's a concentration exercise. I'll concentrate on my even breath during the Mysore class.
Nothing needs to be done, all will happen as it shall happen.

Time to move on.

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