Monday, December 05, 2011

Back home in Munich

This is a last impression from Valbonne. People had their lunch outside, it was that warm.
This is past, we're back in the cold. Only smokers stand in front of restaurants here, dressed with a winter coat.

This house is close to the sea a bit outside of Nice. It looks a bit like a ship.

At the airport.

Oh, it was nice to crawl in my own bed yesterday night.
I'm sipping my black coffee  and it is exactly how I like it, black and strong, but not too strong. I'm back home and I enjoy it.

This morning I realized that 31 new people have circled me on Google+. I searched if someone had recommended me in a circle, but I couldn't find something like that. However this came, many things cannot be explained, I love to have a larger audience where I can show my pictures.

The travel season is over for me for this year. I've time to be prolific, how good. I want to finish my book!

I'm looking forward to Mysore class today. I need it. Yep, I'm back to my routines.

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