Monday, December 19, 2011


To think that one can everything can be a learning block like the opposite approach that one thinks that things are not possible.

Self-study is a must.
So far I haven't found a better self-studying tool but taking picture of myself and filming myself.

A simple smile eases a too ambitious approach to everything, also to a yoga practice.

For me a yogini works also on a relaxed attitude (not "only" to perform the asanas).

Likes and dislikes, success and failure belong together, they are only opposite sides of the same coin.

My second cup of coffee is next to me. It shall warm me. It's winter time, it's cold here. A thin snow cover is everywhere. I feel reluctance to go out to a Mysore class, but I know how good it will be for me. I go, of course.

I like it, I don't like it, I like it, I don't like a very simple thinking pattern to view the world. I have enough of it now. As if this is the only decision one has to do when seeing anything, feeling anything, hearing anything. Do I like it?

Time to shower. I don't like it. lol. 

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