Saturday, November 05, 2011

Yoga off the mat

I read several books by people who were successful at anything and who gave advice to others how to copy it. They analyzed what they have done and believed that this is a pattern that one can generalize and apply in other areas, too.
- Oliver Kahn, the world-best goal-keeper wrote the book "Ich" and gave tips how to become successful.
- Leo Martin wrote the book "Ich krieg dich". It's a German bestseller for the time being. He worked for the German secret service and his book is about how to win people for oneself.
- I read books on marathon. How to prepare and run a marathon has principles, applicable in other areas, too. Visualization is i.e. a method often used here, that is of good use whatever one likes to learn.

Ashtanga yoga also has the potential to advise in other areas, too, off the mat so to say. 

1. Whatever one wants to learn, it's good advise to practice it daily with a break of 1 day.
2. A deep breath keeps me calm.
3. Keeping a journal or a blog supports any activity.
4. Breaking a huge task down in tiny steps is helpful.
5. The attitude is important: I can.
6. Knowing that it's sometimes easier, sometimes more difficult can be a good preparation. Simply moving on is it.
7. The power of focus is still underestimated.
8. Repetition, repetition, repetition.........
9. Master one asana/task after the other.
10. Don't omit anything. Likes and dislikes are just there, realize them but don't give it too much meaning.

Today is my yoga free day. I make no plans anymore re yoga. I'm happy that other areas of my life grow, too. Feel free to visit my blog on photography:
Saturday is also my cleaning day. Seriously I ask myself: how can I make my life simpler. Space clearing is often the answer. I reduce my clothes. I don't need more than 7 winter outfits. The rest has to go. Simplicity.

Today officially my online class on photography starts. I calculated, but my American friends are still sleeping. I'm so thrilled, too, like them, hahaha. Americans in general express more enthusiasm than we cool Germans do. I'm so curious about the official first lesson/task. Yeah, I'm curious, they are thrilled. But I'm thrilled, too. :) I'll write about this learning adventure in my photography blog, see link above.

Feel free to circle me on Google+. I publish a lot of pictures there.

Happy weekend. 

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