Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a nice practice..

What a nice practice this morning. I won't film or take pictures of my yoga practice here, because I don't want to interrupt the flow.
To have my E here is a bit like practicing in a group, a small group. I go on and on and on. Intensity is the word that fits to the practice this morning. That I feel so fully awake helps.

Afterwards I took a shower and enjoyed watching myself how I washed my luxury body. There is a huge mirror in the bathroom next to the bathtub with the shower. Wow, I got muscles indeed. Second series changed my body.  I got strong and I love it. I'm slim but I don't look weak.
I have a strategy how to handle these huge portions in restaurants, but this is a post of its own.
My "work" is done for today: second series. Now follow the lazy adventures.

Adjusted plan: We'll have breakfast somewhere outside and then we head for the Napa Valley. My bf loves the pancakes......:)

Somehow I feel excellent.....:)

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