Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What comes next....

Topics I want to write about in the next months:
1. Deeper understanding of the asanas.
2. Asanas with animal names.
3. Discipline and being organised.

....and what comes into my mind.

When E and I were in San Francisco we met American friends. The topic yoga came up. The wife told me in great detail why it's so difficult for her to go to a yoga class that starts at 9am. She described what else belongs to that class like commuting, showering. She decided it's often too time-consuming for her. Oh, how I understand this. 

My Ashtanga yoga practice IS time-consuming. 
It's time spent well. 
It's time that I love. 
The consequence: I must get better organised in the other areas of my life. This is an ongoing topic in my life. I know. I get better.
I have friends who are much better at it than me, but I know also friends who are worse. :)
Time changes and the organizational skills need to get adjusted. A few years ago, only to mention an example emails didn't exist. 

We all live somewhere. This place needs to be organized and it needs cleaning. I want to invest 1 hour every day, not more, to live in a clean environment. Grocery shopping, cooking, clothes not counted. 
My timer this morning told me that it takes less than 20 min to clean the sink in the bathroom and the top of the washing machine. 
Why did I feel resistance to do it. Jet lag? Yeah, but too many things stand around. I love parfume. I have too many. Not 3 different kinds of body lotions need to be on the washing machine. I only use one at a time. The other ones can sleep in the box that is there, too. 
Tiny improvement this morning: I put all the test parfumes in a glass. I'll use them up first. 
To simplify life is the goal again and again. To have less things is better. I don't want that cleaning uses up my life. Having less things makes cleaning easier, everywhere in the home. I've better ideas to spend my time than cleaning. It's part of the game, nothing shall be omitted. I love to have the skill to be organized. No complaining here. 

Some time ago I had the glorious idea to delegate. This was also good for some time. I made all possible mistakes till I stopped delegating. I didn't like it that the sponge that was used to clean the toilet landed on the sink in my kitchen. I was not able to assert that this shall not happen. I probably got unfriendly because of language issues. This was the end. That I'm alone again is not the best solution. For the time being I don't want to change this. I've learned a lot of delegation. I only want to mention one thing: If I know exactly how things need to be done, I must show it first. 

Time to prepare myself for the Mysore class: 
- My eye cushion and my timer is already in my handbag. Shall these items intensify savasana. This pose is neglected and needs attention. 
- Second series is on the schedule. Shall my mind stay positive: kapotasana and coming up from urdhva dhanurasana is possible. I will apply the techniques: deep breathing, strong legs. 


Anna said...

I wondered what happened to your cleaner !

Ursula said...

Yeah, I learned a lot on delegation.