Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tuesday, a day for myself.

This was a nice entrance where I was yesterday, because there was room, space. Minimalism has something. It calms. Decisions stand behind such a setting. What to show and even more important what to discard is the work when creating such a space.

On my way home I stopped at a shop. It's new in the street where I live and I found indeed some fancy clothes. I put on this t-shirt that smiled at me and when I came out of the changing room the owner of the shop said: "Wow, are you slim." I thanked her for the compliment. The t-shirt was tight and one could see my six-pack. Lol, of course not. In the course of our conversation I told here how difficult it is for me to find clothes that fit. She understood me at once and assured me that she often has small sizes. Women in Germany become taller and taller and yeah also heavier. I'm happy with the things I hunted: a jacket and a t-shirt. Even better, I just discarded clothes that I don't wear anymore or that I don't like anymore.

To give and to take belong together like inhaling and exhaling.

Simplicity is also what I like in Ashtanga yoga:
- It's clear what to do: one of the series. This is simple. One has not to create something new every day.
- There is no music. I listen to my breath. There is no need to decide which music to switch on.
- I need a sticky mat, that's it.
- It's usually without props. They can help, but the goal is not to need them.

Yoga is a concentration exercise. I think that there are steps to concentrate on less and less.
- First we practice the asanas/vinyasas. They require a certain attention for sure and there is the breath, the drishtis, but we discard all the other issues that are in our life. When we are on the mat our daily life issues shall not distract us. This can be a challenge in the beginning. I usually don't think anymore of other things but the practice. This makes it so relaxing probably.
- The next step is to practice pranayama. To sit and to do breathing exercises focuses the attention even a bit more. No asanas distract the mind anymore.
- The next step is to sit and to observe the breath without manipulation. This is even less distraction.

Being focused is as challenging as the asanas themselves. I don't think that one has to create a competition between  the  different aspects of yoga: breathing versus asanas i.e. All aspects of yoga belong to the entire picture. Each aspect is like a puzzle. It depends on how long we practice what is the focus. Nowadays I give much more attention also on the flow. I'm better here when I practice primary. In second series the asanas need more attention.

Time to move on, I have a long to do list.......:)

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