Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To start and to end activities.

This morning before I stepped on my mat to practice second series I asked myself if it's within reach to practice without breaks. Not everything is possible, I'm not such a blind optimist who thinks one must only wish or think of anything and then it's possible. More is possible than most of us think. It is possible for me to practice Ashtanga yoga for 2 hours without breaks. I know this, because I'm able to do it when I'm in Mysore classes. This was my goal today, being concentrated, doing one thing at a time. 
I see the importance to teach the mind. The mind shall be focused, concentrated.
- To practice without breaks has advantages. One is, that the body remains warm and flexible when the final deep back bending urdhva dhanurasana must be done. 
- Another advantage of a consequent flowing practice is that I've more time for other activities I like to do. 

Only 2 tiny breaks happened today. This was indeed good. 

I finished my practice with 10 min savasana, pranayama and 10 min meditation. I had time due to my consequent practice. 
Often I'm sloppy with savasana, I'll change it. Tomorrow I'll take my eye cushion to the class and also my timer. I realized that my mind is occupied with the question how long I've been in savasana already. This disturbs the relaxation. 

Also pranayama and meditation was good. 
From hard to soft it goes, so it is in yoga. This is not in all areas so. A good order re food is from light to heavy and spicy. Also a normal conversation starts with lighter topics to exchanging secrets or whatever. 

The body was exhausted, the mind content when I returned to my mat, showered. I sat calmly 10 min.
What an excellent practice.

Many principles that I see during my yoga practice are true for other areas in life, too.
To start something consciously and to end it consciously, with routines is helpful. To take a break between actions helps to recover and gives fresh energy to what follows. 

I still jet lag. My best time is the morning, which is astonishing, but it is so. Perhaps this is so, because I slept in the plane. In the afternoon I feel like sleeping and I give in. When I awake again I feel like pudding. Energy is low, mood is solala, motivation for anything must be searched. 
Have I done anything today I wondered? I have. The list was long and important things were done, too. It's a good end of a day, to look back and asking oneself what went well. 

Shall my day tomorrow start now, the evening before. I plan what to do.........I'll be busy tomorrow. On Thursday I'll fly to Nice, France. I join my E who is already there. Four days in the south of France is not that bad......:)


Anna said...

Wonderful - all your opportunities for travel. So, so lucky. I love Nice.

Ursula said...

I'm very thankful that I can explore the world. It's a gift. I do enjoy with all my senses.
It keeps me also flexible. :)