Saturday, November 12, 2011

There I stood, dressed with my tiger t-shirt.

There I stood with my tiger t-shirt on, searching my E, but no E was in sight. He is always late, lol. His flight from Portland was late and they had difficulties to land. The San Francisco airport was crowded. Finally I saw him. Were we glad when we bumped into each other.

We picked up our car and headed for Rohnert Park. I enjoyed the lights of San Francisco, what a skyline. We also had to cross this famous bridge that is almost covered with fog.After an hour drive we arrived our hotel. It's huge. This is America, there is so much room. This king size bed here is as large as my bathroom, the bathroom is as large as my biggest room in Munich. I exaggerate a bit. There is space here. We dropped our luggage in the room and went down to the bar where some Americans had their drinks. We took our arrival drink, E had a margharitta, me a glass of Chardonnay. I'm happy. I love to explore different parts of this world.

Jet lag is moderate. I woke up at 6am.
I found a coffee machine in the room. What a joy. Let's see what the day will bring.

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