Thursday, November 10, 2011

That's it.

Let me start with a quote by Matthew Sweeney from his book "Ashtanga yoga as it is", page 19:
"Solitary self practice is a practice of inner contemplation, self discipline and self reliance. A sign of a true yogi is being comfortable in your own skin - the ability to be alone."

This is exactly what I feel what yoga is and towards it shall lead: being centered, being happy with oneself. Oneself can be enough. To be able alone and to enjoy it (being in joy) is a mental state of being. Yoga is body work and mind work.
This also means:
- The earlier we start a home practice, the better.
- The less distraction, the better. I know that music can help. I used it, too. But it leads away from observing oneself. The rhythm of the music is often dominating and leads away from the own rhythm, the own self.
- yoga has the potential to center oneself.

I had so many plans for today. Plans need to be adjusted. I wanted to go to the zoo today. It won't happen. This morning I lost so much time with this malware on my PC. I switched to internet explorer again. The first reason why I used google chrome was because IE had malware. It disappeared, yep, I believe in miracles, hahahaha. My bf is warned: his sweetie is coming with work for him. :)
My adjusted plan for today:
- Ashtanga primary series
- I must pick up pictures
- at 4pm I must check in online for the flight tomorrow
- I must buy a filter for my camera

What books to pack for my trip to the US?
- an English grammar.
- "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly
- One or two novels in English?
This shall be enough. I want to practice to focus. :)

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