Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sipping coffee....

Classic rock music was on and we drove through this beautiful landscape during the golden hour, before sun set. From time to time we stopped so that I could take some pictures. Our conversations on taking pictures are advanced. We talk about the light, the direction of the light i.e. and this entertains me.
America is so huge, this impression I've each time when I'm here. Yesterday was the last day here. Time flies.

I still wake up at 3:40 or so, but I stay in bed till 6am. When I get up then I'm fully awake, which I enjoy. I'm sipping coffee now and I enjoy my pictures, the moments that I've captured yesterday.

Today is my moon day, no yoga. We'll move our bodies and minds to another beautiful place on this earth.
Tonight I'll be happy in Hawaii. :)

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