Saturday, November 12, 2011

The series: Beds in which I spent a night or two.....

The series continues: beds in which I spent a night or two.

As I see the situation, we'll eat out for breakfast, because we'll be too late for the hotel breakfast. My E is fully adjusted to the time here. He loves to sleep in. I know him.

I just tried to bow forward to reach the floor with my hands. So stiff, so stiff.
There is room enough for my yoga mat here, plenty of room. We could heat the room, so it's warm in here. This all could invite me for a yoga practice or at least a few sun salutations. Could........


Anonymous said...

So nice to have you closer to my neighborhood (the USA) haha.. Are you visiting any vineyards? My husband has a cousin that owns a winery in Nappa Valley.
Such a beautiful place you are in.. enjoy your days and whatever yoga you are able to do, dear U..

Ursula said...

It's wonderful here Debra.
The winery is on the list now, not on Sunday, but on one of the next days. We'll be here for 5 days.

Thank you for the tip.