Sunday, November 20, 2011

Relaxed on Maui

Today was the art market under these old trees in Lahaina. We sat there on a bench and observed the activities. Simply being is everything.

I remember a story that I read in one of André Kostolany's books: A 16 year old was asking him, why Kostolany was still giving lectures and why he was still travelling around even though he was already so old (90). This must be very exhausting, wrote the guy. Why do you not relax on an island, was the question.
Kostolany answered: I've been on that island.

It's wonderful to be here, mainly because of the weather, the beauty of the nature and the level of relaxation everywhere.
My "work" can be also done everywhere on this world. I only need a PC and an internet connection. But without this even the most beautiful island become boring after some time.
Tomorrow is our last day here.
On Monday we'll hop to another island....Kaui. It's said that it's the most beautiful one of all the Hawaii islands.

Tonight we had Thai food for dinner. Something light and how good do I feel now. Suddenly I heard "Vorspeise". A man sitting at a neighbor table said it to his gf/wife whatever. I turned my head and we started a small talk. We Germans are indeed everywhere.

No practice happened, it was Saturday, hahaha....

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