Thursday, November 03, 2011

Primary with some extras.....

Reflections on my practice:
1. I think it could be good to practice the entire primary with the CD by Sharath and not to switch it off after navasana.
2. In order to improve the vinyasas I've to exercise and experiment in extra sessions. It doesn't improve when I practice it so speedy.
3. Taking pictures and filming must be banned on Saturdays. It spoils my practice. It can be the afternoon so that the body is soft without practicing the entire series. I can take enough pictures for the week.

4. I added hanumanasana today (see picture). The picture tells me to keep the hips more parallel.
5. Eka pada sirsasana was excellent too, I added this asana, too. I managed it to go down and to get out of the pose without holding the foot. It's all about stretching and engaging the muscles.

After having taken the pictures my body was cool. The rooms are not yet heated, I stopped. To have a symbolic end I added padmasana. A practice is more round if practiced comme il faut.

It counts as a practice what happened today on the mat.
Tomorrow second series again in a Mysore class.

Last time I could see the clock during the class. I need...
5 min for surya namaskaras A
5 min for surya namaskaras B
10 min for the standing sequence till utthita parsvottanasana

I need 20 min for the warm up, then follows the middle part. Next time I'll check how much time I need for this part.

Time to move on. 


Quentin said...

Surya Namaskara B is a beautiful practice within itself. As for me, the pace creates the bliss of this practice and it is the experience of bandhas, breath and dristi along with the sweat pouring out of the body that increases metabolism. Recent class at night reinforced the experience, but my mind and body were so charged that it was difficult getting deep sleep, too much dream state. I alone in the lead class experienced this, for I was the only one in this class that practiced as taught by P Jois. I did the half vinyasa between each asana once per side while the others did the sun sals improperly and chose no jump backs. (After gazing at me, the teacher did do a few jump backs.) I could not hear anyone other than myself doing the breath and nor tell if others were engaging the mula bandha. The teacher had not even completed 200 level ttc, nor ever attended an Ashtanga Yoga studio class, and did not do the SS's correctly nor even know the sequence of asanas, including the standing poses and the finish was such a flop it upset me. Once I looked at the entire class and no one but myself was touching the palms and gazing at the thumbs. But the teacher was young, beautiful and excited about teaching, which made the class enjoyable for me.

Ursula said...

I love your attitude, Quentin.

This is why I'm so thankful. I know what a gift our teacher is.