Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our last hours here on Kauai.

Yesterday we had found a garden café. We liked it very much as the portions were moderate, the food was excellent (fresh local ingredients), the coffee strong. We could sit outside. Wind was blowing, children were playing. Kauai is such a peaceful place.

This is another picture from the valley we saw yesterday. It's easy to take exciting pictures here. Again I took more than 180 pictures. It's difficult to make choices which to publish.

Also for dinner we found a restaurant where we could sit outside with view to the sea.
Next time we'll stay longer on this island. It's indeed the most beautiful one.

Yesterday I managed it to do some sun salutations, the standing sequence and the closing sequence.
This counts as a practice. If I do the same today I'll be happy. Being on vacation means to be flexible.

Tonight we'll be in San Francisco again. Oh, so fast the time went. 

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denise said...

Everything so beautiful! What a blessing be in this paradise!