Friday, November 11, 2011

On the road again....

I cannot remember anymore when I was the last time in the US.

I'm ready now for another trip to that huge and beautiful country. My suitcase is packed. Cameras, yoga mat, PC, a lipstick, my sunglasses, some fancy clothes.....this all comes with me. It has all found a place in my suitcase. I'm not on a survival training. What I've forgotten I can buy there.

I've still some time. I know me, I'm calm when I sit on my seat, a window seat.

At 11:11 o'clock on the 11.11.11 I'll leave my house, just because it's fun to leave the house at that time on such a day with so many elevens.

Oh my, is that all exciting......:)

....and in San Fran my bf awaits me.......:) tonight......

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Tui said...

oh lovely! bon voyage!