Monday, November 28, 2011

Not before 5am

It was 2am when I looked at my clock the first time. It makes no sense to get up at that time. I pretended to sleep. It's a concentration exercise. At 3am I thought again that it must be 5am already. At 4:30 I left the bed, fully awake. The experience not to feel tired in the morning is great. It's as if I've a lot of energy for the day. I know that tiredness will come later. Yes, I jet lag.
The thought came up to take pictures of the sun rise here in Munich. At 4:23 the sun rises. My weather link told me this time. It's cloudy today, so it made not much sense to take picture of the hidden sun. Sometimes the sky is deep red here when the sun rises. When I had to start with my yoga practice at 5am some years ago, I enjoyed this colorful sun rise very often. It consoled me that I had to get up so early.

I'm sipping my first cup of black coffee. It's a strong coffee, not an aroma fake coffee. I also like the cup that I inherited from my grandma from which I drink this bitter liquid. It's a small thin porcelain cup with a rim in the colors gold-light-blue-gold.
 It's a cup that breaks when it falls on the floor, not one of these thick cups that one can throw against the wall when furious and then it will jump back as if it were a tennis ball. To drink from huge plastic cups doesn't convince me either.
Soon I'll enjoy my breakfast: soy yogurt with half an apple with some nuts and raisins. It's nice to be at home again, little joys make the arrival sweet.

I couldn't resist, this morning I put off all my clothes, my jewelry, my glasses, (brrrrhhhh it was cold), I wanted to know if I've gained weight: 47,1 kg the scales told me. This is perfect. I took care, of course. To eat new meals is part of travelling. I also enjoyed one or two glasses of Chardonnay in the evening (or for lunch, OMG). The portions in the US are often not double as big as here but three times as big. It's so seductive to eat more than usual. I also tasted the desserts which are too heavy and too big. But often I was also  reasonable and I had a Ceasar salad only, which was often the only vegetarian meal on the menu. Often I asked the waiter what he/she recommended. This is fun as I can improve my English that way and not only once I got surprised: what I saw on my plate was a delicious vegan meal.

I just checked the sky here. It's not red. No sun-rise pictures of Munich today.

Open source software: I love to see the brain as a software and I hope my software has the ability to develop, I love to see my brain as an open source software that allows to add new routines, new skills and abilities, new views. When travelling it becomes so clear that other people have other software in their minds. Where we're grown up has an influence on how we view the world. To realize this is worth travelling. It's arbitrarily how we think and behave. How we want to have our breakfast is learned. Observing all the goings-on in another country, we were sure we wouldn't change so much of our behaviors, even not when we were living in the US for a year or so. Integrating people can only mean to enjoy that new colors are added to a society. The basic software is very strong and difficult to change. Why should one change it?
What I really like is the friendliness in the US. It might be superficial, but why not. Being friendly makes life nicer. For here this would often be a bit over the top. Nobody asks me here: How are you doing today? Fantastic of course, hahaha. (To myself: don't start telling how you feel, no stories about the trip, nothing. Simply smile and say: "great")
No waiter is introducing herself here with the name and is telling that she'll be the waiter for tonight.

New likes and dislikes are added to my lists "likes and dislikes", but I don't take these likes and dislikes so seriously anymore. Likes and dislikes come and go and they also change.
- I love to watch the waves in Hawaii
- To have hens and roaster on the beach is uplifting
- To have space is also something that I enjoy.

Oh, I must take care today in the Mysore class. I will be stiff. It's dangerous and seductive to overdo. I cannot expect that I'm as flexible as I was when I left Germany, when I didn't practice every day during my trip. Might I be modest today, I don't want to be overstretched at lunch time. This is my challenge today. Primary is the series I will practice.

Not once I looked into one of my books that I've carried around the world. I was open to the surrounding. The distance of Hawaii also created distance to everything else. On the Hawaii islands life is easy-going. Alone that all the men (all) wear Hawaii shirts, shirts with flowers on it, says everything. This islands tell you: be happy, life is colorful, relax.

More yoga topics will come up again soon. I'm full of ideas.

It's 6am now, the time I wanted to get up.


Anna said...

Yes, the question 'How are you?' in the US doesn't mean they want to //know//!

Ursula said...

I know this. I tells me again and again speaking in another language is much more than simple translation. The language represents a life style.

Anna said...

If you ask this in England you'll get their life story - ha ha ha!

Ursula said...

Oh, this I didn't know.

Here of course, too, all the issues, everything. lol.