Sunday, November 13, 2011

My mornings start perfectly.....

My mornings start perfectly. Due to the modest jet lag, modest but nevertheless I feel the time difference to Germany, I wake up early. To get up at 6am is a piece of cake, I'm fully awake at that time. Action baby, my body and mind seems to tell me. Action at that time means, writing my journal and then practicing yoga, second series today.
The next gift is that I've a coffee machine here. I can prepare tea and coffee for us without leaving the hotel room. This usually prepares me for my yoga practice. I want to practice, of course, minimum I want to do some sun salutations, but when I've done those, I usually want to go on.

My bf and me are an excellent travel team. Every day we make a trip to see something, but without any stress. When we're ready to move, we move, but we take all the time we need for the other activities we like to do.

The pictures are still from Sonoma, this little town in Sonoma valley.

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