Friday, November 18, 2011

Little joys in the morning.

I'm sipping my coffee. I found a coffee machine also in this hotel room. We changed yesterday night to a calmer room. It's indeed calmer. My E can sleep deeply now, it's only me who is making noise....:)

On the picture is the restaurant where we had breakfast yesterday. One can sit there with ocean view.

Inside it's spacey. Me again.

I didn't know why there had to be bacon on a Ceasar salad. I reflected if I should "complain" politely of course with my sweetest smile on my face. I was not sure. The waiter was a perfect salesperson. I decided I wanted to challenge him.........I wanted to see how he'd handle the situation. He was truly professional. He remained most polite and assured me that he'd yell at the person in the kitchen. This was to much, we told him. The situation remained friendly, even funny.

Why can I get cappuccino with soy milk in Munich? Because guests were asking for it. Again and again. So often guests were asking that the restaurant owner bought soy milk for those "difficult" guests.
It's important to express wishes. It's for the animals.
On islands fish is offered mainly. Understandable. Here on Hawaii often not one single veg dish is on the menu. This is an opportunity to talk and to negotiate my dish. This improves my English. They are very flexible here.

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