Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last day here...

We relax.
Today is Sunday and I'm looking forward to practicing second series. Also a practice can be done with a relaxed mind and body!
Lately I observed my breath a bit closer: I looked at my watch. Inhaling shall be equally long as exhaling. It's easier to prolong the exhaling and this is what often happens: short inhaling, long exhaling. So I sat down and breathed, the inhaling is the reference. The exhaling has to adjust. My personal breathing rhythm is: inhaling (1 2 3 4), pause (5), exhaling (1 2 3 4 ), pause (5). Within the last years my inhaling became longer and deeper. Nevertheless in order to come up from urdhva dhanurasana it could be good if it were even a bit deeper. This shall be my focus today to have an even and deep breath.
Short prayer: Please, I don't want to be too stiff.

That the weather is so stable here, so excellent pleases me a lot. This is surely one reason, why so many people come to these beautiful islands.

Tomorrow we'll fly to Kaui.....:)


Nirvair Kaur said...

dear ursula,

kauai! one of my favorite places on earth! i was blessed to travel there several times to study with my teacher, which i'm sure only made it more magical. i hope you have time to visit the st. regis hotel in princeville and have an elegant meal in the open air overlooking hanalei bay. and i hope you have time to laze on the beach at poipu and watch the surfers. and i hope -- well i hope you have a marvelous time!

Ursula said...

Dear Nirvair,

I'm enthusiastic, the weather, the vegetation, so much beauty everywhere.

Indeed, a marvelous time.....