Saturday, November 12, 2011


At the passport control:
The inspector: Why do you come here?
Me: I'm a tourist.
The inspector: Where do you stay?
Me: Rohnert Park
The inspector: Why will you be there?
Me: We like the Sonoma valley.
The inspector: Who is "we".
Me: My bf picks me up here. He was here on a business trip and now we're here on vacation.
The inspector: For how long?
Me: 14 days.
The inspector: What's your profession?
Me: I'm an accountant. (sounds serious).
The inspector: For what company are you working.
Me: I work on my own.
The inspector: Show me your business card.
Me: I've no business card here.

Finally he took my fingerprints from both hands and from my thumbs. I was throughhhhhhhhh, yuhuuuuuuuu.

San Francisco, here I am.


Anna said...

Always a negative experience arriving in the USA - the questions and finger prints: it would be nice to get a welcome or smile.

Ursula said...

It's in most countries so, perhaps not when going to India.