Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lahaina.....on Maui

We arrived now, mentally.
Maui is a vacation paradise for Americans and few Germans ....:) (us, i.e.) and few other nationalities. It seems so.
It's about relaxation, walking around, looking at the sea, having breakfast, dinner, lunch or a drink.

From time to time one can buy a t-shirt or a typical Hawaii shirt. Yep. Hahahaha.....

Lahaina is in the north and has these old trees and a lot of shops. Every Thursday artists sell there art there under these old trees. I cannot believe that it was 10 years ago when I've been there the first time. I wanted to buy a picture that time back.

It's a small  island Kaui. Beaches are everywhere. I love to sit on a bench with my E looking at the sea. This is my way of romantic that I appreciate and my E loves it, too. We relax together.

The wind is blowing all the time here, so the weather is most convenient.

Enough for today. In 2 hours is dinner time.
I cannot imagine that I'll use the time to practice. Tomorrow again........

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Jessica Young said...

I love Maui. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon. We hope to return next year for a family wedding. Enjoy your stay!