Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I'm looking forward to today...

I start my day with my yoga practice, Mysore class today.
Yesterday my practice was not so convincing. Why did I stop after bhekasana? I don't know. Perhaps bhekasana was not as good as expected. I remember, this frustrated me. Frustration! What a feeling. The cure of this feeling is action and welcoming this feeling, but only to send it in the desert far away. I felt time pressure because I had started so late. Ah, the mind is so creative in finding excuses.
The combination Mysore classes and home practices is perfect. Ashtanga yoga has so many aspects: one is to learn self-discipline. For me Ashtanga yoga is not only about asanas anymore even though I think the asanas look damned fancy. Ashtanga yoga teaches me lessons on life: Practice daily and you will make progress is one of the lessons. It's also important how one practices for sure. But to practice daily is already very good.

I eat very healthy for the current time. I'm not too lazy to prepare a salad for myself. Fresh food gives me a lot of energy. Every sportive person knows the influence of food and beverages on the sportive activity. It isn't different in yoga. When I finished my studies in sociology, I bought a book on learning. The first chapter was on food. Sometimes I almost cannot believe it how difficult it seems for us Westerners to eat well, but it is so. It's so basic. The food industry confuses us.

I'm looking forward to my practice today. 
Laruga uploaded new videos. When I see the message in my inbox that she has produced something new, I stop every activity and watch first her videos. She has published videos on the headstands and tittibhasana. It has influence on my practice. I'm challenged to jump into tittibhasana. Trying is everything. My head position will change, too. See yourself.

I've planned to go to 2 exhibitions today, after yoga: One is about portraits in the 15 century. The other one is about portraits of actors after the show. I'll write about it in my blog on photography.

This morning was already very exciting. I attend an online class on photography. Our first task was to send a portrait: "candid". It's difficult to make a choice, but I send a fresh picture of myself from October. Usually I open my emails one after the other. Not so this morning. I was so curious about the feed-back. Professional as they are these photographers they started with a compliment, which was surely not a lie either. Then came the critical points  that I could accept 100%, too. Hair blowing in the face is not always nice, one wants to see the face. The model (myself, hahahaha) is "distressed in her expression" they wrote me. Also here, I agree. Hahahaha.........Relax honey.

Shall these planned activities all be so much fun that I attack my next chapter of my book. Only 2 more chapters. This must be doable, also for me.  


Anna said...

Can't wait to see your book!

You are so right about the mind being so creative with excuses. I tried several excuses yesterday morning in an effort to stop myself going swimming - but eventually I ran out of excuses (which made me laugh). So I went -- and enjoyed it!

Ursula said...

It will come Anna, it will....:)

It's convincing. :)

Wonderful that you enjoyed swimming. Action!!!!! :)