Thursday, November 10, 2011

If I hadn't practiced.....

...but I practiced and I experienced a highlight.
So far I was not able to lift my feet when I exercised kurmasana.
I think it can be seen on the picture, that the feet are off the floor. Today it happened. Like from alone they left the floor and I could hold this pose. I'm not sure if the feet shall be flexed or pointed. It looks better when they are pointed.

It was surely easier to do it because it was evening. But what happened once can be repeated.

Next time I must analyse what exactly one has to do to accomplish this. Probably I pressed the arms more against the floor. As always it's more stretching than lifting. When stretching the legs they come up the floor from alone. So it was, yes, stretching and then up, flying.......up into the air.....:)


I'm so glad that I practice.

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