Saturday, November 19, 2011

I knew it...

This morning I joined a new website and this used up soooooo much time. It's always so. I participate in a class on photography and we want to share our pictures on ZangZing.....I think I managed it to add my pictures to the group.

I got up on time, 6am, it's still very easy due to the jet lag, but now it's already 90 min later and not so much is done. But I'm on Hawaii, the vacation islands. Everybody is relaxed here, so am I. Nothing has to be done, everything is voluntarily and a joy. Second series is on the schedule. (Will this really be a joy? hahahaha).
It's difficult to live the life of an ascetic here, hahahaha. We eat twice a day, but this seems to be too much already.

Yesterday night i.e. I had a miso soup as starter. As a main course I had ordered the only veg dish on the menu, see picture. It was delicious, but I think it can be seen it's not a light meal. I ate only half of it. 2 glasses of Chardonnay and a dessert entertained me in addition. So and this is indeed enough for a tiny person like me, when I consider that a stomach has the size of the own fist. I enjoyed it. The waiters were slow, which is great and unusual in the US, but that way  a dinner lasts longer. We sat outside with summer clothes on. This is vacation feeling.

Simply doing it, shall be enough. It? The practice.
I fear also today I've to use my trick: Sun salutations shall be done............what follows then is in the hand of the source......

The other island visitors play gulf (see first picture) and sit around and eat. There are many gulf places here, it's indeed nice to walk there, everything is well-groomed.

Today we've planned to jump into the

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