Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good morning - kikeriki

It's true. I've sold another yoga calender via my zazzle-shop.

I jet lag, I got up at 4am. My mind works crystal clear at that time. I wrote already an important letter which was not easy to formulate. I'm happy with the result. I feel good. Yes, I can, I think.

Also my primary was excellent yesterday in the Mysore class. I had no problem with concentration. The jet lag helps me to be really intensive at that early time. My breath led me through the series, flow was experienced. I practiced not modest and I feel a bit sore now on the backside of the legs, but not overstretched. Hope this assessment is correct.

After the practice I was consequent and used my self-timer for my activity. To define beginnings and ends helps to concentrate and to create intensity. I've so many chores to do here, but I don't want that they steal away all my time. This is why I limit it. I was in the middle of a pomodoro (my timer system) when I got a phone call. Afterwards my systematic working was over. I cleaned like crazy and forgot the time till a break down was inevitable. I couldn't resist to go to bed. I wanted to make me believe I was able to relax 30 min. Again I set a timer, that I didn't even hear anymore. Also the peeping of the washing machine when the laundry was finished, didn't bother me. I felt asleep very deeply. This was the end of my day that started so promising. Oh, nobody is to blame, neither others nor myself. Life is so. It's a happening. When I woke up, nothing else seemed to be important but to prepare a salad for my E and myself. It was a great success. My E loved it. Me, too.

It's after 5am now. I'm glad to be up. I feel optimistic. Oh second series is on my list. To be concentrated, to practice without breaks shall be more important than to push me to the limits and beyond.

PS: I've also a blog on photography. I focus on portraits there. Perhaps you like to have a look.

PSS: It can be that I write another post today on the sun salutation A.


Bettina said...

Strange, usually when you travel from west to east it is the other way round: awake in the evenings and in the mornings very tired, having difficulties getting out of bed. But probably this is also a very individual thing. Glad that you had such a great time on Hawaii.
Take care,

Ursula said...

It's perhaps because I slept in the plane?
It's indeed strange, but it is so. And again, my nap was too long. Impossible. But this jet lag comes with long trips.