Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A fulfilled day

My practice was excellent this morning. I feel so strong. A good feeling.

And afterwards as planned I went to two exhibitions on portraits and both were great. 
Look at my picture and you know how many of the portraits at 1500 looked like: Background was one color nothing else. This brought the person in focus. No hands were seen, only the face. Later the background was often an open window where one could see a landscape. Next step was to see the person in front of the landscape.

Ah, what a trick: The rulers wanted to be present at different places at the same time. A life-sized portrait helped. With such a portrait these sovereigns were present at many places at the same time and it's indeed impressive to see these huge oil pictures.

A lot of pictures of Dürer were shown, some of them were printed on the German Deutsche Mark later.

To have a human being in the middle of the interest was progressive.

Second exhibition: The photographs of actors after the show was story-telling.

Time to plan my yoga practice tomorrow: 
The last times it was good to practice with the CD by Sharath till buja pidasana. This gives my practice flow and it's easy to respect the vinyasa count. I will do this tomorrow, too. Then free style to stay longer in the asanas and to do some extra moves.......

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