Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First impressions from Maui, yesterday and today

Everybody wanted to leave the small airport. Quickly it became dark, the temperature was more than comfortable. Perfectly warm. I mentioned it already, best Ashtanga weather (but I feel stiff and I'm not yet in the mood to practice, oh....:-(    )

The view out of the balcony. On the right side is the ocean. It's a beach hotel, but as it is a small island, everything is close to the beach. :)
We've a rental car to explore the island, the beaches.....

Vacation feeling comes up here as everybody is dressed casually. I've changed my outfit, too: pink pair of trousers and a t-shirt with short sleeves. I'm curious what E is putting on today. :)
Hahaha, my bf just discovered the fan that is above the bed.......he's sweating much more than I do. He loves fans..........:)

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