Thursday, November 17, 2011

Done. Primary.

It was so good for the body to practice.
I don't know why I think I lose all my flexibility when I take a break of too days. This is not so. I had an intensive practice.
I was so curious if I could lift up my feet in kurmasana as this ability is new and it was possible.
Supta kurmasana needed repetition, but the second time I could hook the fingers. I wasn't able to lift me up, who cares.
The twists, marichyasana C and D were excellent.
Re urdhva dhanurasana I took it easy: 3 times I lifted my body up from the floor, 3 times I dropped back against the wall. This was it.

The carpet is a bit too soft. Shall I not be such a princess on the pea. I had experienced worse situations for a practice than a soft carpet.

So, time to move on........and to explore further parts of this island. We'll take it easy, we'll relax.

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