Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Do you realize.....

"Do you realize how far away we are from home?" E asked me yesterday.

I think I do. The distance would be felt more if one had to travel overland, for sure. Hawaii is also not so exotic like India, , nevertheless these Hawaii islands are special.
-The weather is simply perfect. Yesterday we had dinner outside. I had not even a jacket in my handbag. It's so warm, but not hot.
- It's a place for vacation. One relaxes here, so do we. So far I've not yet read a sentence in one of my books. Hahahaha, I'm able to sit around doing nothing. Yesterday I was in lotus pose on this stone bench, looking at the sea. My bf asked me: "Do you meditate now?" Me: "Sort of....." Being absolutely relaxed can happen. The atmosphere at Hawaii facilitates this status of being.
In the evening before dinner I lied on the bed for 2 hours, I simply was there, that was it. No stress. Also the known thoughts that I have to do anything (yoga, studying English grammar, sending postcards, updating my blogs, reading the next chapter on photography) weren't existent. I simply lied on the bed and it was not boring.

I enjoy that I wake up so early. It's still a bit jet lag. I've a coffee next to me, I can write my journal and today I'll practice primary. The lazy lazy lazy times will be interrupted today by a sweaty practice....:)

Travelling means to experience myself/ourselves. My bf is much more auditory than me. Today we'll change the room as he experiences this one as too loud. I wouldn't care. For me it's always important to have space for yoga and to have it warm. The staff here is so polite. They handle the wishes of the guests professionally. Travelling means to adjust to new situations, weather, people, places, food. It also means to change things, approach people and and and.......This keeps us young and flexible. 


Quentin said...

Donot miss opportunity to practice yoga with Nancy Gilgoff Nancy has studio and teaches class in Maui:

Highly recommended

Quentin said...

If still on Maui, try Ashtanga Maui studio with Nancy Gilgoff.

Ursula said...

Thank you Quentin, thank you. I'll check where her shala is here. We'll still be here for 4 more days.

Quentin said...

Manju is teaching there this week and Nancy is assisting. WOW you lucky traveler!!!

Ursula said...

Yep, E will drive me to this place.

I'm curious now...:)

I saw the classes start at 8am, this is absolutely doable...:)

Jennifer Fields YogaLifeWay said...

Ursula - Just want you to know how much I'm loving reading your blog and your thoughts while you are here in America. It's so interesting to get the perspective of someone from another country. Yes, you're right, our food portions are huge!