Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Different levels

My primary Ashtanga series has a different level than second series:
When I practice primary I'm no more so busy to master the asanas. For sure I can go deeper in some of the asanas, but I can bind the marichyasanas C and D. I'm able to do supta kurmasana without adjustment. Baddha konasana is a piece of cake for me. I still struggle with the vinyasas, but also the transitions are so much better than a few years back. The level of my practice allows me to focus on the breath and the correct vinyasa count. I practice without interruption. This allows me to experience flow.

When I practice second series I'm still busy with the asanas. They require attention, repetition, sometimes I even need a prop. I'm careful to get into a pose, because I don't want to injure myself. This is all perfect, but it's another level. Very important, too, because I think the correct performance of the asanas is equally important like the even breathing.
Today I thought, I will never be able to do karandavasana. When this happens I adjust my mind, very quickly. That's what yoga also is. I observe my thoughts. I'm conscious about my thoughts and I adjust them. I replaced my first thought with, it's not yet possible, but it will be possible. Ashtanga yoga teaches me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a little flame showing the way out of the tunnel. Yoga is an exercise for the body and the mind.

My practice was excellent today. I experience a practice excellent when I manage it to give my best. Yep, and I pushed my limits a bit further.....Intensity is a word that fits. When  was in pincha mayurasana I felt pearls of sweat running down my arms, this made me happy.

We vote with our feet. On my way home I stopped at the large photo shop here. I wanted advice re the reflectors. The saleswoman was very competent, but this photo shop is too expensive. I thanked her and continued my downtown trip.  I usually stop at the vegan restaurant Max Pett when I'm at that corner. So I did today. On the picture is my dessert "pana coco". The vegan cooks got excellent.

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