Friday, November 04, 2011

"Candid" or lost in translation.....

I enrolled for an online class on photography. The first task was to send a picture "candid". I didn't know the word, so I looked it up and read: honest, true, open. So I send them the above picture. Soon I found a feed back in my inbox. First I got complimented, but I was more curious about the critical points. The model looks distressed, they wrote, hahahaha, I agree. And it would be better not to have hair in the face........The picture should be more more candid. Candid? I felt it, I misunderstood something. Perhaps this is too much posing I thought and wanted to send them the following picture:

Before I sent this, I asked my friends on facebook what candid means: not posing, not being aware of the camera.
My bf even knew that there was a program in the US "candid camera", which meant that people were photographed secretly, so that others could have fun about their awkwardness.

I got it: This is a candid picture. My camera was shooting, while I was still checking my self-timer. I was surprised, I forgot the camera. Now I'm really curious about the feed-back.

Mysore class this morning was excellent. Something is moving. Slowly and in tiniest steps I move in the direction I want to go........
Each practice has highlights and disappointments and many surprises. I observe and I move on. My handstand improved. I exercise it often at home. When I feel low in energy  I do some handstands against the wardrobe. 10 000 times I want to do it and then I hope to be able to stand in the middle of the room in that pose. Ha.
My practice will improve when my breath improves, especially the inhaling. I'll work on this in extra sessions.

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Deckard said...

Are cowboyboots en vogue again? I used to wear them at the beginning of the 90s.

Ursula said...


I love it when the socks are not seen, so that I don't have to match the socks to the pair of trousers and shoes.

I don't care so much about latest fashion. I must like it and re shoes: I must be able to walk in them. They are good.


Deckard said...

I don't believe you that you don't care about fashion :-)

Anyways, they look good on you.

Ursula said...

I love fashion.

But I know what looks good on me, so I don't buy stuff only because it's fashion NOW.

Ursula said...

Thank you, me a cowgirl, olala....