Monday, November 07, 2011

"Always on."

Tonight I woke up again. I checked the alarm clock and it was 1:30am. I got up, but soon I went to bed again, tossed and turned a bit, till I slept again. At 6am I was tired and I slept till 7am.

Long-term reader A comments: your are so - what was this word again - industrious.

Today my yoga teacher told me: "You're always on. Yesterday you were the first again out of savasana." I appreciate his attentiveness and honesty. And he's right. Quick, quick I fold my blanket after the relaxation in order to put it back as one of the first, because I want to be the first in the changing room to have more room. What? Indeed. But relaxation after a sweaty intensive practice is more important. My relaxation is superficial.
It's also a letting go topic. Getting deeper is it.

Why do I make myself so much stress and hectic?
Death is closer than ever, I know.
Time is limited.
I have time for the time being. I've the same amount of time as everybody. I can enjoy it.

Yep, I'm open for this feed-back, I feel it has some truth.

My plan: Next time I'll take my timer to the Mysore class. I always fear I will remain too long in savasana. I never fall asleep, of course not. The timer will help me to go deeper into relaxation. In addition I'll put an eye cushion on my eyes. Of course I have an eye cushion for my eyes, lol.
I will add a tiny yoga session in the evening: Some handstands, some asanas, pranayama and 10 min meditation. I want to sit, I have the time for this.

I'm busy busy busy, but the most important things don't get done. I must remember and apply the Pareto principle. What are the 20% that make the difference. I know what it is. Isn't that good? It's writing my book, the last 2 chapters!  This is why Tim Ferris recommended to reduce working time to 2 hours, because then one is forced to focus on the crucial activities. Then playing to work is not possible. It's not possible to keep oneself busy without accomplishing anything.

Nevertheless I'll also lie on the bed for a while now. I'll set my timer for 15 min. I'll do savasana, conscious relaxation.

M was so inspiring again today. Let me repeat only one topic he mentioned. It's about repetition. That Ashtangis do always the same asanas, a fixed series makes the practice different to other yoga styles. It has a meaning and not only that repetition allows to learn the asanas. When the series are repeated often enough the student has not to think about the order of the asanas or how to perform the asanas. This allows to focus on the breath and the flow. Then the practice becomes meditative. Wow.

Picture: Yesterday I had to wait for the Straßenbahn to get to the Mysore class. I got bored and remembered my camera in my handbag. I saw the people sitting on the bench, drinking some beer. These are yogis and yoginis level 5 I thought. They don't need to take their legs behind the head in order to relax. Regarding relaxation, letting go of everything, they are my role models........for this week. :) :) 


Quentin said...

Ashtanga yoga class sequence of events is final pose tolasana, Om and/or closing prayer, vinyasa jump back and then corpse pose (usually less than 5 minutes) is how I learned to practice . But others have Om and or a chant after sivasana and usually the sivasana lasts 15 minutes. I do not believe real Ashtanga yogis prefer the latter but little do I know.

Anna said...

See, even your teacher agrees with me ;-)

You *are* always ON and thinking ahead - to the next thing. It's about perfectionism.... That's why you have so much trouble taking the candid shot - because you have a heightened self-awareness and put a great deal of effort into everything (me too).

ionut said...

Ursula ... you are great

ionut said...

and how can you say "death is near?!" ... i mean you are only half of the way ... and it couldn't be true because i love and if i love you will live at least as long as i do and i intend to live as long as i want :))) and i want to live a bit ... more then a bit infact , and look at the pictures you post on your blog ... and fall in love everyday with you!

Ursula said...

Yeah, next year it will the last time that I will lift my Champagne glass with the words: "Cheers, half of it is over now."
Then I calculate that I will become 106. But enough is enough,lol.

Yogis often see death as an adviser to give life urgency. If life has enough urgency one can swing to the other side again: being idle. :)

ionut said...

U really look 41 to me most ...

Ursula said...

That's what people usually think when they see me: 40.
The younger the people the younger they think I am. There the wish might be the father of the thought. Or it's inexperience.

By now I mainly enjoy how I change. It has something exciting. I love my self-portraits, hahahaha.....

ionut said...

if the wish might be the father of the thought ... then the Word might be the child of the thought ... "In the beginning was the Word"

ionut said...

oh wait ... a wish , reduced to its essence is just a thought ... Ursula i must admit you are deep!

Ursula said...

I'm not superficial, that's right.