Friday, November 25, 2011

Again in San Francisco

On our way to the airport in Kauai.

Bye-bye beautiful island.

The view out of the window at night.
We asked for valley parking. It was impossible to find a parking space yesterday night. I'm glad that we travel soft nowadays. We stopped at San Francisco. Of course one has to rent a car again, find a hotel and and and. But flying direct to Germany is much more exhausting.

Slowly I become an expert in American coffee machines. Oh how wonderful, also this hotel offers this service of a free coffee in the morning.

At the bar we had a last small dinner yesterday: I had my classic Ceasar salad with a Chardonnay.
Most restaurants were closed due to Thanksgiving. And today the Americans run to the shops as there are a lot of discounts here.
A winter coat is needed here. I sit here with my pyjama and a cardigan on. 5 hours in a plane in nothern direction and it's cold again.

I must find out what's the time here. We want to have breakfast in the hotel. It's served till 10am.

The view out of the window now. On the left side is the 101. 


Claudia said...

Ohhh I was just there.... next time! Would love to meet you in person!

Ursula said...

It would be wonderful to meet you. Yes, perhaps next time. :)