Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What comes next....

Topics I want to write about in the next months:
1. Deeper understanding of the asanas.
2. Asanas with animal names.
3. Discipline and being organised.

....and what comes into my mind.

When E and I were in San Francisco we met American friends. The topic yoga came up. The wife told me in great detail why it's so difficult for her to go to a yoga class that starts at 9am. She described what else belongs to that class like commuting, showering. She decided it's often too time-consuming for her. Oh, how I understand this. 

My Ashtanga yoga practice IS time-consuming. 
It's time spent well. 
It's time that I love. 
The consequence: I must get better organised in the other areas of my life. This is an ongoing topic in my life. I know. I get better.
I have friends who are much better at it than me, but I know also friends who are worse. :)
Time changes and the organizational skills need to get adjusted. A few years ago, only to mention an example emails didn't exist. 

We all live somewhere. This place needs to be organized and it needs cleaning. I want to invest 1 hour every day, not more, to live in a clean environment. Grocery shopping, cooking, clothes not counted. 
My timer this morning told me that it takes less than 20 min to clean the sink in the bathroom and the top of the washing machine. 
Why did I feel resistance to do it. Jet lag? Yeah, but too many things stand around. I love parfume. I have too many. Not 3 different kinds of body lotions need to be on the washing machine. I only use one at a time. The other ones can sleep in the box that is there, too. 
Tiny improvement this morning: I put all the test parfumes in a glass. I'll use them up first. 
To simplify life is the goal again and again. To have less things is better. I don't want that cleaning uses up my life. Having less things makes cleaning easier, everywhere in the home. I've better ideas to spend my time than cleaning. It's part of the game, nothing shall be omitted. I love to have the skill to be organized. No complaining here. 

Some time ago I had the glorious idea to delegate. This was also good for some time. I made all possible mistakes till I stopped delegating. I didn't like it that the sponge that was used to clean the toilet landed on the sink in my kitchen. I was not able to assert that this shall not happen. I probably got unfriendly because of language issues. This was the end. That I'm alone again is not the best solution. For the time being I don't want to change this. I've learned a lot of delegation. I only want to mention one thing: If I know exactly how things need to be done, I must show it first. 

Time to prepare myself for the Mysore class: 
- My eye cushion and my timer is already in my handbag. Shall these items intensify savasana. This pose is neglected and needs attention. 
- Second series is on the schedule. Shall my mind stay positive: kapotasana and coming up from urdhva dhanurasana is possible. I will apply the techniques: deep breathing, strong legs. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To start and to end activities.

This morning before I stepped on my mat to practice second series I asked myself if it's within reach to practice without breaks. Not everything is possible, I'm not such a blind optimist who thinks one must only wish or think of anything and then it's possible. More is possible than most of us think. It is possible for me to practice Ashtanga yoga for 2 hours without breaks. I know this, because I'm able to do it when I'm in Mysore classes. This was my goal today, being concentrated, doing one thing at a time. 
I see the importance to teach the mind. The mind shall be focused, concentrated.
- To practice without breaks has advantages. One is, that the body remains warm and flexible when the final deep back bending urdhva dhanurasana must be done. 
- Another advantage of a consequent flowing practice is that I've more time for other activities I like to do. 

Only 2 tiny breaks happened today. This was indeed good. 

I finished my practice with 10 min savasana, pranayama and 10 min meditation. I had time due to my consequent practice. 
Often I'm sloppy with savasana, I'll change it. Tomorrow I'll take my eye cushion to the class and also my timer. I realized that my mind is occupied with the question how long I've been in savasana already. This disturbs the relaxation. 

Also pranayama and meditation was good. 
From hard to soft it goes, so it is in yoga. This is not in all areas so. A good order re food is from light to heavy and spicy. Also a normal conversation starts with lighter topics to exchanging secrets or whatever. 

The body was exhausted, the mind content when I returned to my mat, showered. I sat calmly 10 min.
What an excellent practice.

Many principles that I see during my yoga practice are true for other areas in life, too.
To start something consciously and to end it consciously, with routines is helpful. To take a break between actions helps to recover and gives fresh energy to what follows. 

I still jet lag. My best time is the morning, which is astonishing, but it is so. Perhaps this is so, because I slept in the plane. In the afternoon I feel like sleeping and I give in. When I awake again I feel like pudding. Energy is low, mood is solala, motivation for anything must be searched. 
Have I done anything today I wondered? I have. The list was long and important things were done, too. It's a good end of a day, to look back and asking oneself what went well. 

Shall my day tomorrow start now, the evening before. I plan what to do.........I'll be busy tomorrow. On Thursday I'll fly to Nice, France. I join my E who is already there. Four days in the south of France is not that bad......:)

Good morning - kikeriki

It's true. I've sold another yoga calender via my zazzle-shop.

I jet lag, I got up at 4am. My mind works crystal clear at that time. I wrote already an important letter which was not easy to formulate. I'm happy with the result. I feel good. Yes, I can, I think.

Also my primary was excellent yesterday in the Mysore class. I had no problem with concentration. The jet lag helps me to be really intensive at that early time. My breath led me through the series, flow was experienced. I practiced not modest and I feel a bit sore now on the backside of the legs, but not overstretched. Hope this assessment is correct.

After the practice I was consequent and used my self-timer for my activity. To define beginnings and ends helps to concentrate and to create intensity. I've so many chores to do here, but I don't want that they steal away all my time. This is why I limit it. I was in the middle of a pomodoro (my timer system) when I got a phone call. Afterwards my systematic working was over. I cleaned like crazy and forgot the time till a break down was inevitable. I couldn't resist to go to bed. I wanted to make me believe I was able to relax 30 min. Again I set a timer, that I didn't even hear anymore. Also the peeping of the washing machine when the laundry was finished, didn't bother me. I felt asleep very deeply. This was the end of my day that started so promising. Oh, nobody is to blame, neither others nor myself. Life is so. It's a happening. When I woke up, nothing else seemed to be important but to prepare a salad for my E and myself. It was a great success. My E loved it. Me, too.

It's after 5am now. I'm glad to be up. I feel optimistic. Oh second series is on my list. To be concentrated, to practice without breaks shall be more important than to push me to the limits and beyond.

PS: I've also a blog on photography. I focus on portraits there. Perhaps you like to have a look.

PSS: It can be that I write another post today on the sun salutation A.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Not before 5am

It was 2am when I looked at my clock the first time. It makes no sense to get up at that time. I pretended to sleep. It's a concentration exercise. At 3am I thought again that it must be 5am already. At 4:30 I left the bed, fully awake. The experience not to feel tired in the morning is great. It's as if I've a lot of energy for the day. I know that tiredness will come later. Yes, I jet lag.
The thought came up to take pictures of the sun rise here in Munich. At 4:23 the sun rises. My weather link told me this time. It's cloudy today, so it made not much sense to take picture of the hidden sun. Sometimes the sky is deep red here when the sun rises. When I had to start with my yoga practice at 5am some years ago, I enjoyed this colorful sun rise very often. It consoled me that I had to get up so early.

I'm sipping my first cup of black coffee. It's a strong coffee, not an aroma fake coffee. I also like the cup that I inherited from my grandma from which I drink this bitter liquid. It's a small thin porcelain cup with a rim in the colors gold-light-blue-gold.
 It's a cup that breaks when it falls on the floor, not one of these thick cups that one can throw against the wall when furious and then it will jump back as if it were a tennis ball. To drink from huge plastic cups doesn't convince me either.
Soon I'll enjoy my breakfast: soy yogurt with half an apple with some nuts and raisins. It's nice to be at home again, little joys make the arrival sweet.

I couldn't resist, this morning I put off all my clothes, my jewelry, my glasses, (brrrrhhhh it was cold), I wanted to know if I've gained weight: 47,1 kg the scales told me. This is perfect. I took care, of course. To eat new meals is part of travelling. I also enjoyed one or two glasses of Chardonnay in the evening (or for lunch, OMG). The portions in the US are often not double as big as here but three times as big. It's so seductive to eat more than usual. I also tasted the desserts which are too heavy and too big. But often I was also  reasonable and I had a Ceasar salad only, which was often the only vegetarian meal on the menu. Often I asked the waiter what he/she recommended. This is fun as I can improve my English that way and not only once I got surprised: what I saw on my plate was a delicious vegan meal.

I just checked the sky here. It's not red. No sun-rise pictures of Munich today.

Open source software: I love to see the brain as a software and I hope my software has the ability to develop, I love to see my brain as an open source software that allows to add new routines, new skills and abilities, new views. When travelling it becomes so clear that other people have other software in their minds. Where we're grown up has an influence on how we view the world. To realize this is worth travelling. It's arbitrarily how we think and behave. How we want to have our breakfast is learned. Observing all the goings-on in another country, we were sure we wouldn't change so much of our behaviors, even not when we were living in the US for a year or so. Integrating people can only mean to enjoy that new colors are added to a society. The basic software is very strong and difficult to change. Why should one change it?
What I really like is the friendliness in the US. It might be superficial, but why not. Being friendly makes life nicer. For here this would often be a bit over the top. Nobody asks me here: How are you doing today? Fantastic of course, hahaha. (To myself: don't start telling how you feel, no stories about the trip, nothing. Simply smile and say: "great")
No waiter is introducing herself here with the name and is telling that she'll be the waiter for tonight.

New likes and dislikes are added to my lists "likes and dislikes", but I don't take these likes and dislikes so seriously anymore. Likes and dislikes come and go and they also change.
- I love to watch the waves in Hawaii
- To have hens and roaster on the beach is uplifting
- To have space is also something that I enjoy.

Oh, I must take care today in the Mysore class. I will be stiff. It's dangerous and seductive to overdo. I cannot expect that I'm as flexible as I was when I left Germany, when I didn't practice every day during my trip. Might I be modest today, I don't want to be overstretched at lunch time. This is my challenge today. Primary is the series I will practice.

Not once I looked into one of my books that I've carried around the world. I was open to the surrounding. The distance of Hawaii also created distance to everything else. On the Hawaii islands life is easy-going. Alone that all the men (all) wear Hawaii shirts, shirts with flowers on it, says everything. This islands tell you: be happy, life is colorful, relax.

More yoga topics will come up again soon. I'm full of ideas.

It's 6am now, the time I wanted to get up.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Arriving in Munich.

The slow phase is over.

I want to arrive mentally as fast as possible.
- The important clocks (arm watch and alarm clock) are set to the local time.
- I took a bath and washed my hair.
- I've a plan for tomorrow. I was not sure if I should practice at home or in the shala. I will go to the Mysore class, but I'll practice primary. The last 3 days were days where I couldn't move so much.

Will I be able to fall asleep at 10pm?

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, my German coffee and my healthy breakfast. Soy yogurt is still in the fridge and I've also an apple here. Nuts and raisins are here, too. Simplicity, what a luxury. 

Santa Cruz

We had still a wonderful day in Santa Cruz. It was sunny there and a lot of people were on the beach, relaxing, walking around or playing beach volley ball.

It was Sunday, yep.

Now it's still Sunday, Sunday evening. Almost 11 hours we sat in the plane. This belongs to travelling even though this belongs more to the exhausting part of it. After 8 hours my legs hurt and I was glad when we finally arrived in Munich. E had organized a taxi, how wonderful.

I'm unpacking my clothes. Slowly. I think of a hot bath before going to bed.
It's fresh here, this was expected.
Yeah, it't good to be back. Life must go on.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What a nice surprise.

When I went through my pictures yesterday night, I saw this bird on one of them. What a surprise.

Brrhhh, I don't feel like taking a shower. It's still a bit fresh here, even though I've turned on the heater. My second coffee also is warming me from the inside. Nevertheless, I've to get over this little resistance to put off my pyjama and my jacket. To feel the water on my skin is not yet an uplifting idea, but I will shower. Of course. Now.

In less than 1 hour we'll have to be out here. I must hurry. 

San Francisco.

We met friends at the pier 39 in San Francisco. What an excellent opportunity to speak English again.
We made the classic sightseeing tour together: Lombard Street, pier 39, Coit tower, chocoloate factory, Golden Gate Bridge.

We took a taxi that drove us around. Oh my up and down it goes here. It would scare me if I had to drive.

I wanted to say hello to the sea lions, these huge monsters at pier 39.

Just before sunset we reached the GG-bridge, the Golden Gate bridge.

Downtown they set up a huge Christmas tree. The streets were crowded because of this.

I slept as long as I wished. A long day is in front of me. When I usually go to bed I'll step in a plane. Grgh, but this is part of travelling. Its's worth the exhaustion that I'll feel when I'll be back in Munich. 

San Francisco at night.

This picture is taken from the Coit tower.

Who knows when I'll come back to San Francisco. It was again wonderful to be here. All the people everywhere, the liveliness, it's amazing.

Shall this picture be enough for today. It's night here, so it fits.
I need sleep.
Tomorrow we'll drive to Santa Cruz and I want to get up early for a practice. I need it. To be 12 hours in the plane must be prepared.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Again in San Francisco

On our way to the airport in Kauai.

Bye-bye beautiful island.

The view out of the window at night.
We asked for valley parking. It was impossible to find a parking space yesterday night. I'm glad that we travel soft nowadays. We stopped at San Francisco. Of course one has to rent a car again, find a hotel and and and. But flying direct to Germany is much more exhausting.

Slowly I become an expert in American coffee machines. Oh how wonderful, also this hotel offers this service of a free coffee in the morning.

At the bar we had a last small dinner yesterday: I had my classic Ceasar salad with a Chardonnay.
Most restaurants were closed due to Thanksgiving. And today the Americans run to the shops as there are a lot of discounts here.
A winter coat is needed here. I sit here with my pyjama and a cardigan on. 5 hours in a plane in nothern direction and it's cold again.

I must find out what's the time here. We want to have breakfast in the hotel. It's served till 10am.

The view out of the window now. On the left side is the 101. 

In San Francisco

Ah, the picture belongs to the past already.
We're in San Francisco in one of the Hilton Hotels in the 11th floor. When I look out of the window I've the city at my feet.

It's after midnight but I'm still awake.
Many restaurants are closed today, due to Thanksgiving. At the bar here we got some drinks and something to eat.
Wow, it's fresher here already than in Kauai, Hawaii. I put on my winter coat from the airport to the hotel.

Time to go to bed. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

One post for the roasters and hens here.

This post is dedictated to the roasters and hens here on that island Kauai, also called roaster island. It's so funny to be on a beach and the roasters and hens stroll around. From time to time one can here a "kekeriki", as if it were the morning and one has to get up. 

Our last hours here on Kauai.

Yesterday we had found a garden café. We liked it very much as the portions were moderate, the food was excellent (fresh local ingredients), the coffee strong. We could sit outside. Wind was blowing, children were playing. Kauai is such a peaceful place.

This is another picture from the valley we saw yesterday. It's easy to take exciting pictures here. Again I took more than 180 pictures. It's difficult to make choices which to publish.

Also for dinner we found a restaurant where we could sit outside with view to the sea.
Next time we'll stay longer on this island. It's indeed the most beautiful one.

Yesterday I managed it to do some sun salutations, the standing sequence and the closing sequence.
This counts as a practice. If I do the same today I'll be happy. Being on vacation means to be flexible.

Tonight we'll be in San Francisco again. Oh, so fast the time went. 

Only those yet.....before going to bed.

A sunset.

Tomorrow we're on our way home already. At 2 the plane will take us to San Francisco.

We will return, this island is too beautiful to say good-bye forever. 

What a valley on Kauai.

Me, of course.

It's all about the light.

This island has dramatic aspects. :)

Kauai is the roaster island.

Beauty everywhere.

A bush.

The roasters and hens are everywhere, kikeriki. :)

...and I thought today I wouldn't take so many pictures.....

Yeah, what an exciting island.....

A photographer, not me......

The colors here are beautiful, I'm so amazed. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good morning.

Today we'll drive around the island, Kauai. My akku is uploaded again. The sun is shining already. It's all about the light when taking pictures. I'm learning....

If one has only 1 week, I recommend this island, Kauai. It is the most beautiful one among all the Hawaii islands.
There is no nightlife. People get up early, dinner is early, too. It's about enjoying the rich nature here. What a variety of plants, trees and flowers can be found here. It's all so opulent here. And then this great weather. When rain clouds appear on the sky, the atmosphere becomes dramatic, but temperature remains warm.

Here are waves, indeed. Yesterday we watched the waves for hours. It's for relaxation here.

Time to roll out my mat. 

Shall this sunset be my last picture of today.

We were not the only ones who were waiting for the sunsets. The beaches are not crowded.

I want to get up early tomorrow. We want to make a trip around the island. At 9 we want to leave the hotel. By then I want to have finished a practice. It won't be a full second series, but for 1 hour I want to practice. It was so difficult this morning, might it be better tomorrow. 


I never saw roasters flying so high. Kikeriki they made all the time....

The beach.....