Monday, October 03, 2011


Yesterday I slept longer than planned and today, too. I't absolute OK, then I needed it, I think. I remember a time where I had to get up in the morning even though I felt so tired that it was painful. I could scarcely kept my eyes open. My movements were slow. Coffee and cold showers should box me into a waking state. When I was finally in the subway I leaned my head against the cold window to have some more minutes of sleep, always fearing to miss to get out of the train. From time to time I opened the eyes to check if I had already missed the station. Then I realized that my chin was fallen down and that I had slept with an open mouth. At the same time I realized that people had watched me and that they directed their eyes to another object because I had woke up.

No, I enjoy it to have no pressure at all. And this morning I had so sweet dreams, I was between deep sleep and being awake and watched my morning movie. Not long I could hold the memories after heaving left my bed. Dreams disappear like the breath on a freezing cold winter day outside.

Now I'm up, I see that the sun is out. My second coffee is in the make. My bf is still sleeping. I'll pamper him with a croissant this morning.

Yesterday I practiced and so I will today. Second series is on the schedule. My last posts helped me to redefne which role Ashtanga yoga shall play in my life. My health and therefore my yoga practice is most important. It shall not be so dominant anymore.
I want to get paid for my actions and it's not yoga. Yoga must step aside to give room and time for those actions. Not only because everybody needs money to survive. If people are willing to pay for anything (product, service) it's a sign that it's appreciated. It's a goal to be so good at anything that I get money again. My accounting skills had a very high level, but I reinvent myself. I repeat myself. Change comes by itself.

The second picture just came into my mind. Shall Ashtanga yoga be the spine in my life, the column of the carousel. My passion. My love. But not my everything. It's nice to have exciting flights around a center.

I started my yoga practice late yesterday, but it was still the morning. E left the house before me. I finished my practice after pincha mayurasana and the closing sequence after my washing machine had done it's work. I wanted to join my bf outside. We don't have so much time together. I had back bending asanas, balancing asanas, forward bending asanas. It was a sweaty practice, not complete, but I don't care anymore. I loved to sit outside in the sun with my E.

At the Oktoberfest:
An American to me: What are you doing? 
(I think he meant what are you doing for a living?)
Me: Since some time I see myself as an artist. 
My bf who sat next to me started laughing. This was a friendly laugh, he's supporting every crazy idea from me. I joined his laughter.
The American said nothing to my answer and I cannot read thoughts.
After a while I added: I'm writing a book. On health. 
(I didn't like to go into details as the bodies of our guests told me enough about unhealthy habits. I'm not preaching and I'm not morally.)
Somehow the topic changed.

Lately I love to see myself on pictures in relaxed poses. Hahahahaha.

I was asked about my online teachers that I mentioned in my last post.
Here is my list. It's short but quality counts:
1. Laruga: I am a fan of her. If I want to know how to perform an asana correctly I watch her videos. Perfection is Laruga. Most will never reach her level. She is a view in the future for most of us. She shows what is possible. Her practice is in addition very meditative. Laruga has a blog peace love yoga, too. Currently she teaches in Sweden.
2. Kino MacGregor: Of course the practice of Kino is most wonderful, too. I appreciate her analytical skills and her videos where she explains how to learn an asana, how to perform it. She knows the tiny steps that are necessary on the way. I watch her videos again and again.

Others are very good, too. But some of the yoginis are not so active online.

Union: the mind is fast, quickly jumping around. The body is slower. When mind and body work together, focus happens and strength develops.

Happy Monday for everybody.


LARUGA said...

Dear Ursula,

I am really touched you have mentioned me here. Thank you.

I have to say, I really admire you and how you express your experience with practice through your blog. It's beautiful, simple, and yet so interesting.

Thanks again. Hopefully our paths will cross in the future. Until then, it's nice to share over cyberspace.

Ursula said...

Dear Laruga,

Thank you for reading and sharing your videos and knowledge.

It would be great to meet you in person which is not so unlikely as my bf is sometimes in Sweden.

Till then, happy sweating.