Thursday, October 27, 2011

To negotiate is one of my strength....

To negotiate is one of my strength. I was so excellent today and it was fun. I'm good in face to face conversations. In groups I feel weak. However. Today I was in top form.

And this all after an excellent practice, first Ashtanga series. Till navasana I practiced with the CD by Sharath. Then I practiced on my own. This allowed me to add some asanas, like forward split. Oh, and I dropped back 3 times. This is a good habit to practice one asana after the other, if it's liked or not, if it's fearful or not, if it's my day or not. This habit gives self-confidence.

Drishti: In Ashtanga yoga we look either upwards, forward or to the side. We never look down or back. The lowest we direct our eyes is the tip of our own nose. Is there a hidden message behind our dirshtis?

I'm motivated to act, to sell, to convince, to find out my limits off the mat, too. Life is an experiment, what else.

On my way home from the Munich countryside more or less, I stopped at the main station. I accessorized myself. :) Hahahaha.....

Am my untamed mind jumped from one topic to the next again. Concentration is fading. I feel good and exhausted. 


Claudia said...

I would love to hear how you do that 'negotiate', what are your tips... how do you do it? How did you get good?

Ursula said...

Almost 5 years of my life I lived from selling insurances on commission. No sales, no food. This forces oneself to get better.

My first lesson was from a very good salesperson. Cross out the word "no" from your vocabulary.

Never discuss.

Preparation is a lot.
How to sell the price one must know.
Stepping in the shoes of the other person.

I could talk about sales for an eternity. One must love it. I do.