Monday, October 10, 2011

There is always an alternative.....

This morning it was rainy and dark outside. I hide under my yellow umbrella that looks like a sun while I walked to the tram. Soon a tram arrived, a few stations later I got off again. I change the vehicles at the main station. I took the steps down to the tunnels. A subway was already waiting. I wanted to jump in when I heard the announcement: There was an emergency at Marienplatz and the subway would have a delay. Emergency usually means that someone jumped in front of a subway to commit suicide. There is always an alternative, I thought when I heard the message, why couldn't this person see this. And finally we all will die, nothing needs to be done. Too late for this person. Life seemed unbearable.
The commuters started using their posh cell phones: "Hi, Mr XY here, I'll be later today." In Germany it's important to be punctual.

I decided to take another tram to get to the yoga studio. It was crowded, I reached my destination and enjoyed my yoga practice. I hurried to get home afterwards as I wanted to have lunch with E today. He's working from home. I've mixed feelings: I loved to have lunch with him, it's nice to have him at home, but these loud phone calls and conf calls are a bit much. It's so difficult to focus on my own stuff.

Sitting at my desk again the phone rang. I got a job offer, 2 or 3 hours on 3 or 4 days every week and round the corner. This would be great. The person who contacted me was also very friendly. Now my fingers are crossed. I want it. To receive a money shower from time to time is indeed very good for me. The job would allow me to continue working on my projects and to enjoy my yoga practices in the morning.
There are always alternatives. Yes!


Francisca said...

Congratulations for this job opportunity.Hope you get it once it's important for you.
Your posts are an inspiration, I believe you have your own problems like everybody, but you always try to show something positive about your day. Good luck!

Ursula said...

Thank you for your comment.

Good that I've also issues in my life. This helps me to understand my colleagues and neighbors and friends and yoginis and......haha.....

It's true, I've every day alot in my life that is pure joy, my yoga practice i.e.
Also the tiny things like my coffee in the morning count as joy. It's a matter of opening the eyes and seeing the beauty.

Thanks for the good luck. As it comes it will be OK. Also without the job I won't be bored.

Have a good day...

ionut said...

Ursula i am happy u will get this job ! Good luck from Romania baby!

Ursula said...

Thank you ionut.

By now I've sent my cv. I share my successes, failures, hopes, disappointments....because mmmmm is there really a difference? It's life as it is. It has not so much to do with me, it's a happening.

A bit less philosophic answer. A bit money wouldn't be too bad.

Have a good day.