Friday, October 07, 2011

Super hot, super spicy, super good......

....I'm talking about my Indian lentil soup. I've an ill man at home and my cooking skills shall bring him on his legs again. I put garlic, ginger, curcuma, cilli, cinnemon, cumin, pepper and citron in the soup, not a bit, but a lot. I'm a witch. I sit here now sweating and smiling. It was delicious, Indian style, comme il faut with healing potential.

And yoga was so good this morning, too. Our teacher M is on fire, it seems so. He's so motivated and full of inspiring stories and ideas how we can improve our yoga. I'm so thankful for this time. Especially my kaptoasana gets attention. It's so difficult to describe what it is what makes this asana so difficult. It's not pain that is felt when the limits are reached, but limits are felt, no doubt. This pose shall be possible within this lifetime. Wow, this will be Champagne days, when I can come up from urdhva dhanurasana and when I will be able to do kapotasana.
I dropped back today again. In the last two years I was held, now I must make a tiny step forward again. My feet remain parallel now and they are not at the rim of the mat, but hip width apart, a bit more when I drop back. It's exciting.

Kapotasana, karandavasana and to come up from urdhva dhanurasana are the devilish poses of the second series.

I'll clean the kitchen soon and this was it for today.

I've a novel here by Richard Ford "Der Frauenheld". I will read it tonight. Then I'll close the curtains, I'll close my eyes to be fully recovered for the next day, the next adventures, the next plays, the next dreams.

It's Friday evening. On twitter we've follow Friday, on Google+ floral Friday on facebook friendship Friday (my invention). And for me reading Friday starts. NOW.

Plans, at least yoga plans (hahaha) for tomorrow in the morning exist: I want to do the moon sequence created my Mr Sweeney. 


ClaireBear said...

When I'm sick I make a concoction of Hot water with lemon, honey, ginger, garlic and cayenne. Always does the trick :)

Ursula said...

Sounds great, too.

Garlic is a wonderful medicine. lemon, too, ginger, too, here we go.