Friday, October 21, 2011 cold feet.

I've so cold feet. I massage them, I put on my warm socks, I sip hot tea, nothing helps, my feet want to stay cold......

Yesterday night in bed I so missed that I hadn't practiced. A practice wouldn't have been possible or reasonable due to the fever. But today I stepped on the mat and practiced primary. I sweated, it felt good.

- Supta kurmasana, see picture, I had to repeat it. The first time I was not able to hook the fingers. I added eka pada sirsasana. The first highlight happened. I was able to move forward with the leg behind my head without holding it. The trick is to point the foot. After eka pada sirsasana, supta kurmasana was possible. I try now to get the foot so deep behind my head that it can touch the shoulder.
- Next highlight was that I was able to open my lotus pose in the air when jumping back. I scarcly believe it, but it's true. I repeated it and also the second time was good.

All the inversions felt good for my throat. Even though I do not really know what I have, sort of cold surely, to move is always good. I relaxed on the bed after my practice.
E did grocery shopping yesterday. I wrote him to bring some fruit. He returned with 2 bags of fruit: oranges, apples, honey melon, banana, mango. So much healthy food must be good. :)

I just checked my feet: cold.

PS: Repetition, repetition, repetition is what brings success. 


Quentin said...

Agreed, good practice today!

Quentin said...

Agreed good practice!

Ursula said...

Nice to hear that, Quentin...:)