Sunday, October 09, 2011

Saturday was a day off from yoga.....

Household things had to be done. It kept me busy yesterday.
Beauty over practicability. I put my blender in the cupboard. My mother is probably right when she says: "If you don't see it, you don't use it." But I saw my blender every day and didn't use it so often. Yesterday I created space on top, not in the cupboard. The kitchen is the first room that one enters when one enters my home. It's so to say the first impression that one gets from my villa motley.
Spices had to go. There is always stuff that I find that has to go because it's too old or because I don't use it. Decluttering is so important. Garbage cannot be organized. So true. I know now that to let go is an ongoing process. I celebrate this. I create room for new things that way.
I'm alone with my cleaning actions. I do less but more diligent.
I'm not through everything. I will go on today for 1 hour. 1 hour daily is needed to have a modest level of cleanliness at home. My hairdresser cleans one hour every day, too.
A kitchen must be clean. What I expect in restaurants I want to have at home, too. I enjoy when things are organized. My spices are in alphabetical order. The mixtures stand all together. That way I don't have to search long when I'm cooking.

I always know the next step. 2 doors need to be cleaned. They are on my list for today. And the bathroom, the sink needs some attention.

My effort is to make things simpler, simpler, simpler. To combine an intensive yoga practice and to work and to be responsible for the home requires to improve organizational skills.

I set my pomodoro yesterday, it's one of my timer. It's indeed a a tiny but effective trick to limit time for any activity.
- Firstly: It helps to start. Everybody can work 25 min on anything.
- Secondly: I work fast as the time is limited. Time limit intensifies this time.
- Thirdly: I don't forget to take breaks to recover a bit after a certain period and then I start freshly for another 25 min.
- Fourth: I've an overview and stop at a decent time when other activities are on my list, too.
- Fifth: Knowing how long I worked for a project fulfills me with satisfaction.

I've three timer, hahaha: 
1. an alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning.
2. a pomodoro that I can set for 25 min or less. It structures my work.
3. a meditation timer, that I use for meditation or when I want to be in savasana for 10 min.

Yoga didn't happen yesterday, not even the planned moon sequence that lasts one hour.
Saturday is my yoga free day. Free means not that I want to do nothing, but I don't want to do an exhausting Ashtanga series. Shall it be OK. Today my yoga week starts with primary in a led class. How easy it is to pack the clothes and to jump into the subway for a class. It requires so much more self-discipline to move at home.

Self-discipline will be a topic for next week.

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