Thursday, October 13, 2011

On learning

Repetition is one of the key words re learning.

It only makes sense to repeat correct things.
An example: To repeat the wrong spelling of a word doesn't improve English skills. It needs to be correct.
In Ashtanga yoga a sloppy practice over years can even lead to injuries. We need to work precisely.

I just thought it also makes sense to focus on the 20% that are important.
Reluctance is felt. I know what these 20% are regarding jumping through. It's building more strength. It's being able to lift my body up while on my knees. If I cannot hold this pose jumping back is impossible.

Also in order to come up from almost all back banding asanas I need more strength in my legs. On the picture is utkatasana. Going deeper, holding it longer is it. I know the asanas that improve my leg strength.

No pain, no gain, Sharat uses to say.
I'd substitute pain for discomfort. If no discomfort is felt at all, one can be sure that one is avoiding the hot spots. But with time I learned to handle discomfort. Correct breathing, engaging the muscles help to stand it. A relaxed face is also important. The author of one of the stretching books I read even recommended to smile when stretching as this sends the message to the nerves that everything is OK and then it's possible to let go, to stretch. The body stops protecting itself.

1. Today I'll focus on the vinyasas.
2. I'll repeat those asanas that need still some attention like upavistha konasana, kurmasana, urdhva dhanurasana.
3. The correct vinyasa count is important as well.

Learning also means to check if something is learned. In school most of us didn't like to have tests. They have advantages and not only that we learn to handle stress. It's a control. It can show what is  understood and what not. If something is learned it can be an opportunity to stop for a moment and celebrate and enjoy the success.
This week is already over, but next Friday I'll reflect what I've done re my weak points in primary.

How do you speed up your learning?

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