Monday, October 24, 2011

Of course I'm up...

It's not me on the window sill having breakfast. I had mine at my desk. I had a banana with nuts and soy yogurt. I'm up, energy is still low. Perhaps I should have slept a bit longer. To have a sweaty led class in the late afternoon and a Mysore class in the morning with only one short night between 2 practices is intensive.

I got up a bit after 6am, checked my mails and what else happened overnight online. After my first cup of black coffee, this is usually 30 min later I take a shower, first with warm water, I always finish with cold water. The body is fresh afterwards, the cold water wakes me up........and then, I dry my body......and then with my fresh rather cold body........I move to the bed and crawl under the cover and press my body against E's body to warm myself. Hehe, he has not yet complained. Warm, cold, warm..........this is indeed a big pleasure.

Second series today. Focus shall be the breath. 

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