Thursday, October 20, 2011

No way to leave the house today.....

First I want to recommend a blog. Kevin, a passionate Ashtangi, fellow blogger and friend is in Gokulam India, in THE shala. He's originally from England, his English is excellent and he writes so nicely. He writes daily about his adventures there and every post comes with a picture minimum. Exactly how he describes his days, so it is. Read yourself, here is the link.

I'm ill. I feel lousy, hahaha. It's true. No way to leave the house today. I'll take it easy. My appointment this afternoon is already postponed. I'm glad that I did this and that I don't want to play the role of a hero. When I'm ill, I'm ill, I don't force myself to anything anymore if not necessary. Am I glad that I can take care of myself. If I were an employee I'd go to work. I know me.
My practice will be modest. To move has healing potential. I've no fever, so it's good to practice a bit: primary today.
Again I had a night full of dreams. This is new, I know me as a daydreamer. The dreams that happen at night I usually don't remember and I don't make efforts to do.

Yesterday in bed I had planned an intensive practice, I wanted to push me to the limits.
But Ashtanga yoga has many aspects. It can also heal. This is often forgotten. I'll practice slowly today, breaks are allowed. I stop when I feel it's better to stop. 


ionut said...

No you can't be ill ... you are strong!
The Ursula i know always shines!
so you are ill ... u will recover fast because i love you !

Ursula said...

Oh good morning dear Ionut.
Yeah, it seems that I'm indeed knocked out. It's also true that I heal fast usually. But I take my time, it's sort of luxury to be able to stay in bed all day. I remember times where I went to work even ill.

Fever weakens, but I don't want to complain much, only a bit.
Have a wonderful day and stay healthy and in good mood....:)
Feel hugged, over the distance it's safe.