Sunday, October 02, 2011

The naked truth: weight and workshops

More than any workshop, losing 2 kilos could improve my practice much more. It would be so much easier to lift up my body when trying to float backwards. Back bending, forward bending, especially the twists would become a piece of cake if I were a bit lighter.
All the tricks and tips how to perform asanas are available on the net for free. To have a life show is nice, but not necessary.

It would make more sense to focus on consequent healthy eating habits than to run to workshops where everybody is going, bloody beginners and advanced beginners. The last workshop that I attended was a social event and I learned that Ashtanga yoga is fun. That was it. To hold my poses a bit longer than usual would have done more for my practice. I don't need workshops to be motivated. I am motivated.
If one wants to learn with a special teacher it's good to spend a month minimum with him/her.
A workshop is to get to know a person, not more.

I've three teachers on my list. Hahaha, two are yoginis from too different continents, the other one is an Indian yogi. If possible I'd like to spend more time with them than 2 days.

Because I spent 2 months in Gokulam, it was a success. I returned to Germany and my practice was different. Only to mention the main point. After my stay in India I was able to do the vinyasas on both sides also when I practiced alone. That's indeed something.

The more I think about workshops the more I think it's good to focus on my home practice. Our teacher M is back very soon (on Wednesday to be precise). I can learn so much from him. Home practices, Mysore classes with an experienced teacher and once a week a led class is a perfect triangle. Practicing with a CD can substitute a led class.

Yeah, I realize it, I'd love to do everything re yoga also every workshop, but I have to be picky. I'm not such an advanced yogini that I can be at two places at the same time. My life requires focus. It's still my topic to be too distracted too quickly.

I do enough yoga. 6 times a week for more than 2 hours. I don't know so many people with such an intensive yoga practice. My entire life had to adopt to my yoga schedule. I'm not unhappy about it. Again, this shall be enough.
Ha, it's time to shoo away my bf from my yoga place. Ohhhhhhhh. It's time to focus.


tanya said...

I have been enjaying reading the blog practically every day and collect bits and pieces from them and incorporate in my daily practice.Most welcome to India for your intensive work out.
You have mentioned about the tips and tricks availble on the net free.Please can suggest the web address so that we can also look into it.
Many thanks and once again welcome to India.

tanya said...

You have mentioned in your blog regarding tips and tricks available on the net please guide us we the web address so that we can also develop our praticewith it.
It is pleasure visiting your site and able to see tremendous chage in the style and your work.
You are most welcome to India and pratice with the teacher you desire.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much tanya for reading my blog and being so loyal.

I'll write a list what helps me. It's short, but good.

Happy happy practices.
Oh yes, I'm looking forward to my 4th visit to India. :) I write as if it's sure already that I come. So far it's only in my mind.


Globie said...

2 Kilos is a lot, as I have found when I get too light I may be more flexible but I lose strength and my energy, it's a difficult balance.

"6 times a week for 2 hours" there are lots of us out there who do this. And if we don't do it then we feel something is missing.

Ursula said...

Hi Kevin,

In London are surely more commited yogis and yoginis than in Munich.

Of course one should still be full of energy.

I always think 2 kilos is not much. LOL.

Happy practices....:)

Elizabeth said...

I agree that losing some weight is helpful with your practice. I have experienced this myself. It does make floatbacks much easier and the binds also, as you shed inches and it is easier to reach around your body. My challenge however is not floatbacks. I am very strong and was able to do then after a year of practice. My challenge is backbends. What can help to improve a back that is not open?