Friday, October 28, 2011

The mind, the coach for the body.....

When I jump forward I tell to myself: the hips lead, the knees close to the body,
When I feel reluctance to drop back into urdhva dhanurasana, I think: just do it, 3 times, this is nothing. And then I do it. And today I was surprised: each time I did it, it was easier.

When mind and body work together the practices become strong. 

Sometimes I break down a practice that lasts more than 2 hours now in tiny bits:
- only 5 surya namaskara A's, doable.
- only 3 surya namaskara B's, doable.
- standing poses only till parsvottanasana. That's still basic.
- then the blocks: back bending, forward bending, balancing and headstands.
- then urdhva dhanurasana, one pose only (but with many exercises)
- the end is a piece of cake.
That way I make a long practice less challenging. It allows me to be focused for a limited time. After a block I start the next block with fresh energy. I don't forget to enjoy what I've done so far.

Kapotasana is a challenge for the mind and the body. I will stay optimistic. These difficult asanas are good as they challenge the mind, too. It's a habit to think positive, as it is a habit to sit straight when sitting at a desk.

My practice was excellent. How I love Ashtanga yoga.

Mentally I prepare myself for the dinner tonight in a Thai restaurant:
First I have to do the reservation, lol.
No wine, no dessert, only a bit of rice is my plan.
I'll enjoy the vegetables and the tofu in a hot red sauce.
(Shall I not say tomorrow: the mind was willing, the flesh was weak. hahahaha)

I don't make plans for tomorrow. I'll be curious what will happen. Next planned yoga session is the led class on Sunday.

Picture: Darren Rowse gave us photographer a weekend task: primary colors, anything with primary colors (red, blue, yellow). The picture shows my first attempt.

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