Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long breath and passion

Yeah, that's what I eat for lunch. I poured olive oil over it and a special vinegar with thyme and apple. Pepper, no salt. The colors are beautiful, it was tasty. Four different tastes are on this plate. The tomatoes and the pepper are sweet. The olives salty, the rucola bitter, the vinegar sour. It's lively food and so I feel afterwards: lively, not heavy. I had a sunflower bread with it and afterwards some white raisins on a vanilla soy pudding.

Ok, back to passion and the long breath and a bit of self-praising. I think this is one of the strength of my blog or my person. I've a long breath, I practice Ashtanga yoga for 8 years and blog since 6 years already on a regular basis, daily. My practice is most of the time not a boring routine, I practice with passion. I hope I can express this, but I think so. Often this is a contradiction, reliability and passion.

I want to recommend a book here: it's by George Leonard "Der längere Atem". He describes how to become a master. His example is Aikido, but the principles he describes can be applied to other areas, too. One thing he emphasizes: be prepared that there will be plateaus. then simply move on, don't give up. This is good advice for all of us that we tend to expect highlights every day.

We live in a society where most people want quick success. If this does not come, we are quickly frustrated and give up. Not everything I tried I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But Ashtanga yoga I want to do for the rest of my life (till 100, hahahaha). It helps me to know that sometimes I only have to do it, without expecting too much or even highlights. This plateau can last for months. Being prepared helps not to make decisions at the wrong moment. Passions and highlights return when practicing passionately with all the energy that is awailable also during the lame phases.

The interesting aspect of the book by Leonard is that at the end he applies his principles to relationships.
I don't plead here for standing every boring contact. But my experience is that every relationship that lasts longer has phases where it's a plateau. This passes like everything. More intensive times can follow, more difficult ones, more beautiful ones.
I'm lucky, I had several very passionate loves in my life. They didn't last. After a very short time, after few months, they were often over. Forever. Hahahaha.......for me as a reliable person almost unbelievable. Where did all the love went? All the oath and promises? Only phantasm? My personality allows me to live both, being passionate and to be reliable. I love the highlights, if they are over I return to an even breathing till my breath is taken away again, but I needn't give up anything only because it (activity, relationship) became  more difficult or lame or......... I can enjoy this variety. I have not the expectation of a never-ending orgasm. This would be too much. Even for me.

One of the gifts at a certain age is that one can have friendships that last for decades. One never knows who this will be when one meets people in the 20s, but with some a lively interest remains. This is so nice. My friends are like my roots. It gives self-confidence, stability in life. One feels loved and accepted. It's interesting. Those friends also can give precious feed-back. One can laugh with each other. Our often superficial society has nothing else to do but to focus on a few wrinkles when talking about age. Advanced age allows experiences one cannot have when young. My recommendation: start cultivating friendships as soon as possible. Have time for friends.

I'm very happy that I know my bf since more than 14 years now. It's my longest love story with a man. :)

Primary today. I practice at home. My plan: I'll practice with the CD by Sharath till navasana. Then I practice on my own to stay longer in the asanas that need extra attention.

I must be good today, good at negotiating. I will. This is one of my strength.

Mmmmm, shall I publish this? Why have I written this?
Perhaps it was a reminder to apply this all to my projects. Focus here is needed.
I don't have the time to write another post, hahahaha......

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