Friday, October 21, 2011


A list:
What I've done so far.
1. I got up
2. I cleaned the dishes
3. I had breakfast
4. I showered
5. I vacuumed
6. I started the washing machine
7. I ironed
8. I answered to an email
9. I congratulated my father to his birthday
10. I folded clothes and put them away
11. I wrote my journal
12. I updated my blog, twice (lol).
13. What beside the daily practice can help me to improve my yoga practice.

Every body writes lists. Most of us probably write "to do lists". It can be a good idea to write a "not-to-do list".
It's recommended to make lists with 100 points, repetitions are allowed. Repetitions show what's important. They are like a marker on the road.

There are "to-do lists", "not-to-do lists", "shopping lists".

Further ideas for lists are:
1. Which places do I like to see.
2. Which roles do I play in life and which further roles do I like to play
3. Things I want to learn.
4. What do I like about myself or any other person.
5. What do I not like about myself or any other person.
6. Novels I want to read.

Be creative and enjoy your lists.

Picture: I love my pictures, they help me to learn. The shoulders are not yet 100% parallel.

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