Saturday, October 15, 2011

Like on so many Saturdays.......

Like on so many Saturdays I wanted to do at least a bit of yoga. But The Source had other plans for me. As usual I went to the bakery in the morning to get a breakfast for E and myself.
Then it was time already to hurry. A friend whom I've known for decades was in Munich and we met downtown in a nice café. Time was running. Wow, I've so attractive friends, I love it. Much was to tell and then it was suddenly late in the afternoon.
I ran home for grocery shopping, and now it's dark.

It's a rule in Ashtanga yoga that the yoginis shall not practice on Saturdays. In the book "Guruji" I found an explanation for this. P. Jois used to teach also on Saturdays and Sundays and on the 5 other workdays, too. His family scarcely saw him. So they decided that one day is for the family because they wanted to spend time with him, too.
Somehow I feel the same: One day is for all the other things on lists. And what a lovely day it was.

Tomorrow I'll go to a led class again. Perhaps my body is happy for a day off. But I'm not sure. 

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