Sunday, October 09, 2011

Led class means to be led.....

Led class means to be led......and not practicing according to ones own rhythm. Only because one knows already what's coming next does not mean that one should be faster than the group.
This is the challenge. To listen and to move on when it's counted.

But why am I writing this. I do listen. When I don't listen I lost concentration. Listening is also a concentration exercise.
I learned to listen  in Mysore. Saraswathi told me this. I thought I was listening in a led class but obviously I must have been slower or faster than what was counted. I couldn't believe it first, but a yogi assured that I didn't listen. Next time I was very attentive and I realized the difference. Then I listened.

When listening to the teacher it's less possible to "cheat". Then one has to hold the difficult poses a bit longer as usual. Also the vinyasas have to be done as counted. This is the challenge. It can be that one has to go faster in an asana as usual.

In some ways being led is easier. The struggle with myself, the inner dialogue to hold a pose as long as it is supposed to be is not existent. I also don't have to remember what comes next. On the other hand to hold the asanas as long as counted or to go in a pose quickly as it's counted correctly is the challenge.

To be led also means to let go of the often unconscious thought: I know it better than you. I listen to myself, my inner voice, my own body or whatever.
Led class means following. And this can be a wonderful experience.

A led class is not a Mysore class while someone is counting.

The different rhythm can indeed give insights.

I enjoyed the class this late afternoon. Once a week a led class is a good thing. It's as it is supposed to be and how it is taught in Mysore. A lot can be learned. It's a shift from myself to someone else.

I'm very happy with the offer that we have here in Munich finally. It cannot be better. One night and tomorrow is second series on the schedule. Wonderful. 

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